Saturday, December 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Plates

Another one of our traditions we do the day before Thanksgiving is making plates for the homeless. This year we had the Turkey of course,Cranberry and Pear stuffing ,sweet potatoes,Green Beans, and mini Pumpkin Pies. We got about 25 plates this year!!

We always include a tag that explains these are being done in loving memory of our babies Rain and Itty Bitty.

We also always make Pies that we bring to the workers at Rains Special Spot the day before Thanksgiving as well. 

Memorial Day 2015

Christmas at Rains 2015

As we do every year we go see Rain after Church Christmas eve. We bring reindeer food and we read her the Night Before Christmas! This year we also all got Hot Chocolates to bring to her special spot. We all sprinkle he reindeer food on her special spot and we always bring extra to sprinkle on all the other babies !

Santa always come to Visit our Rains Special Spot. Christmas afternoon we all come and just spend time with our Rain and give her most of her presents....we bring her some the next day and we save some for the Epiphany as well as we all do that in our family! Christmas will never be the same without our babies but we make sure to always include our Rain  and now our Itty Bitty :( In everything we do. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

I'm not big into Mothers Day for obvious reasons. I'm sooo thankful God made me a mother to my 3 beautiful kids but ones not here so it doesn't feel right. I always like bringing something cute to my Rain on Mothers Day. This year I wrote her a little note and I got it printed and laminated at Staples. I then hot glued it to Styrofoam and put it on a A-Frame :) It was my Card to Rain. I got her some heart balloons and Pink Roses too. Daddy cleaned her special spot up, he brought his weed eater and trimmed all her grass and the grass by the babies by our Rain. The kids played with sissy and we just got to spend quality time at our Rains! Like Ive said before we go almost every day but many days its just a quick visit so I love the days we have picnics with her or just spend an hour or two at her special spot. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter 2015

Here are pictures of Rains Special Spot this year! I was soo happy this year when we went on Easter she already had one basket from Harrys Family and a goody bag from Cailees 3rd Birthday. Her birthday was the day before Easter and we couldn't make it to Rains Special spot that day :(  It made my Easter extra special knowing my Rain had goodies already!!! 
 The Pink Princess Basket that is covered is the cute basket from Harry's sweet family! The goody bag and egg on her bench are from Cailee's family!!  The Pink basket on her Special spot is from the Easter Bunny!! 
We love our Rain!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Rains Valentines 2015

Valentines day is such a special day for us, as I believe I have mentioned before that is the day our beautiful baby girl was conceived! We always call Valentines Rains day!! This year like all others we brought her her dozen balloons, we had a little picnic with her, read her her new book and brought her Pink roses. It was a bittersweet day as many days are now.

Here is Rains special spot on Valentine's! The little stuffed animal on her stone is from her sissy that she spent soo much time picking out! Serenity and Tru love their big sissy soo much.
Here is Rains picture from Valentines night from our 2nd family dinner. Each of the kids got a necklace and a mask.
Rains envelope! I found these envelopes at Target and I just put stickers to personalize them for each kid. I put these up the Monday before Valentines and we all put special cards and letters in for all the kids.
This is my special spot for Rain! This is right outside our room. Daddy's is downstairs. Valentines night before the kids came to bed we put a few goodies on their bed and Rain got the same stuff on mommy's special spot for her! She got a pink chocolate rose, a FROZEN box of chocolates , and a thing of rose lollipops!

We love our Rain soo much and will always include her in every thing we do. She's our daughter and will always be with us. I am and will always be her mother and I will do for her what I do for all my kids.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

National Hot Dog Day

Yesterday July 23 was National Hot Dog Day...I've never heard of this before but when we went to Sonics last week we got a little flyer that let us know July 23rd is National Hot Dog Day ;) We knew then we had to have our hot dogs with Rain :) It was just a little simple thing we did with our baby but we all had a nice time. 
When I was at Heb getting the hot dogs and some waters I went by the book section and the book You are my I love you just stood out to me so of course I took that as a sign from my Rain. I got that book for her and picked out two more books for Serenity and Tru. We brought all the books to Rains Special spot and read them to her and all her angel friends! We of course also had to have bubbles because what is a summer day without bubbles?!?!?! It was a fun time spent with our beautiful Rain! The kids also went to go eat their hot dogs with all Rains Friends too!